A Simple, Direct Way to Keep in Touch with Your Customers

Maintaining quality address information improves your ability to keep in touch with good customers and prevent losses from problem accounts. Address Update is a simple, cost-effective tool to help you reach accounts and debtors quickly.

Features and Benefits
  • Powered by Experian's File OneSM database of more than 245 million credit-active consumers
  • Reach important individuals and increase response rates to monthly billings and target mailings
  • A low-cost, comprehensive collection tool that provides you with the essential information to track down skip accounts.
  • An excellent alternative to Experian's Social Search product in cases where the Social Security number is not available
Reduce Costs and Maximize Resources
  • Eliminate the need to manually update your clients' contact information
  • Identify name changes, misspelled names and retrieve identifying information on your accounts quickly and easily
  • Reduce your collection letter return mail costs
Customizable to Meet Your Unique Needs
  • Flexible input and output and access options
  • Multiple report formats, elements and add-on product options available

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Reach Accounts and Debtors Quickly

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