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Credit Risk Management For Small Businesses

Is a potential new customer a good or bad credit risk? Safeguard your finances from risky accounts. Stay on top of business credit risk management with Experian business credit reports. Instantly check the credit of over 27 million active U.S. businesses before deciding to trade with them or agreeing to credit terms. You also can check your partners' and suppliers' business information and receive alerts on any credit issues they're having that could impact your small business.

Why It's Important to Reduce Your Business Credit Risk

When a company does not ask for payment before delivering products or providing services, its credit risk increases. Many business transactions are conducted on credit; however recent events show that it's very important for small businesses to investigate more than just the information in company financial statements. Experian offers tools to help lower the risk of customers defaulting on their debt. Depending on the level of business credit risk (low, medium or high), you can immediately view the appropriate credit reports, which detail business and credit information, including Experian business credit scores.

Company Research – Low Business Credit Risk

Experian's company database lets you validate over 27 million businesses. Instantly check the business credit of a company before deciding to trade with them or agreeing to credit terms. For low-risk credit decisions, conduct basic company research.

Business Information Reports – Medium Business Credit Risk

We offer access to public records of business information such as liens, judgments, Uniform Commercial Code filings and fictitious business names. Using Experian's business credit sources and reports, you'll know in seconds whether a potential new customer is a credit risk to your small business.

Corporate Profiles – High Business Credit Risk

Read corporate profiles for high-risk credit decisions.

Business Credit Check – Credit Monitoring

You can reduce business credit risk with subscription plans that provide continued credit monitoring.

Knowing the financial strength of your suppliers is vital to managing the supply chain. Experian® can help you assess a supplier’s risk of business closure with easy-to-read reports of trusted supplier information and risk scores. At you can choose from four supplier reports, each providing you with instant access to reliable data.

Financial Risk Management

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