Basic company research reports from Experian

Verify a company's business information

Verify business information

Company Research Reports

Even in a low-risk credit situation, company research must be conducted. In these low-risk cases, the company research typically needs to be quick and concise. With Experian, you'll get reports on your suppliers or customers from our database of more than 22 million businesses.

Our business verification report gives you a high-level view of a company's credit profile. It allows you to research key company information, such as contact information, sales figures, size, products/operations, credit summary, Uniform Commercial Code filings, fictitious business names, and payment and collections history.

Go Beyond Business Tradelines to Make Informed Decisions

While tradelines will tell you the number of credit items reported to Experian, they are only one factor in predicting a company's ability to pay its bills on time. As a small business owner, you also will need to know the date that a company was formally incorporated and established. This is where Experian's company research and company credit reports can help. Basic information such as this is needed to see if a company is a legal enterprise. Credit, payment and collections data is important information to examine in order to avoid taking on a bad credit risk.

Reduce losses. Increase profits. Learn more about how you can identify your most creditworthy customers through company research while protecting your small business.