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Corporate Profiles

When you want to establish long-term credit with another business, you need accurate and up-to-date information on its credit history. To maximize the success of your small business, Experian® offers the information you need to make medium to high-risk business credit decisions with confidence.

Our premium corporate profiles can help you:
  • Check the business credit of potential customers, partners or vendors
  • Decide whether to do business with companies
  • Determine whether you can make a credit decision concerning new customers or if further investigation is needed
  • Pass up potential customers whose corporate profiles reveal late payments or delinquencies
  • Offer first-time customers a suitable line of credit
  • Choose reliable suppliers and partners
  • Preserve and expand business-to-business relationships by understanding changes in spending patterns
  • Find out if a supplier or partner is undergoing financial stress
  • Avoid surprises from current customers when you review them for credit increases

Experian's premium corporate profiles give you important credit data on your potential customers, partners and suppliers, such as contact details, sales figures, size, products/operations, credit summary, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, fictitious business names, and payment and collections history. In addition to the data provided in our low-risk corporate profiles, with Experian's ProfilePlusSM you also will receive information on inquiries made in the last nine months, UCC details and Standard & Poor's financial information.

How Corporate Profiles Make the Credit Decision Process More Efficient

Taking the time to read corporate profiles will help you reduce cash flow problems. Much of the analysis in this credit report already has been done so that you can make immediate, reliable decisions. For example, based on historical payment information, we predict how quickly future payments will be made. Throughout these corporate profiles, we give you the most reliable credit information to determine creditworthiness and make insightful decisions about new customers.