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Business Information Reports

It's a troubling fact. Even companies that appear stable and dependable can go bankrupt, putting your small business at risk. Today's economy has led to some necessary adjustments in how companies conduct business with each other. For example, small businesses are conducting more thorough credit checks on other companies with which they are considering doing business.

Experian's CreditScoreSM business information reports give you a wide range of credit data on your potential customers, partners and suppliers. They allow you to research key business information, such as contact details, sales figures, size, products/operations, credit summary, Uniform Commercial Code filings, fictitious business names, and payment and collections history. In addition, you will obtain information on judgments, tax liens and bankruptcies. Experian also includes credit scoring in these business information reports to aid in your decision making. Actual payment and collections history is more detailed than in Experian's BizVerifySM report. Commercial banking, insurance and leasing details include any information we have available about financial relationships the company may have with a bank, insurance company or lessor. Generally, this may include the name of the company's primary bank, insurance companies that have issued policies to it and the details of leases that have been reported.

How Experian Business Information Reports Help You Make Informed Decisions

Our credit ranking score uses statistical models to measure and predict payment behavior. High risk means that there is a significant probability of delinquent payment. Low risk means that there is a good probability of on-time payment. Easy-to-read charts and graphs give you at-a-glance summaries of payment trends and balances. With this timely business intelligence, you can apply the proper credit strategy immediately and maximize customer relationships.

You can protect your small business's cash flow by identifying your most creditworthy customers through Experian's business information reports. Our reports provide a credit category by analyzing the business's current trade experiences and the presence or absence of collection data and derogatory public record filings. We then classify the business into one of five categories.