What to do if you have been denied business credit?

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Submitting Your Adverse Action Notice

If your company has been denied credit or is subject to an adverse action based upon information in an Experian Business Credit report within the past 60 days, you are eligible for a complimentary commercial credit report. To qualify, you will need a written adverse action letter from the creditor. Please contact them before proceeding if you do not have this in writing. The adverse action letter typically provides:

  • The creditor's name and address and contact details
  • The business' name and address
  • A reference to Experian as the source of the credit report
  • A brief explanation for the adverse action

Once you have the adverse action letter in hand, attach it to your request to review your Experian Business Credit report. Include your business’ full name, address, and your email address.

Email your request with the adverse action letter to RFR@experian.com
or mail it to:

Experian Commercial Relations
P.O. Box 5001
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Within two business days of receiving your request, you will be sent an access code and instructions on how to retrieve your complimentary business credit report.

If your business has not been denied credit, you can purchase a copy of your business credit report at www.smartbusinessreports.com.

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