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Are you introducing a product - for example, rolling out a new line of health foods? With Experian, you can tap into a prospect pool of people who aren't identifiable by income or occupation but by lifestyle and preference.

This database comprises enthusiasts of fitness, healthy living and/or self-improvement.

Fitness enthusiasts - Indicates persons in the household have an interest in participating in cycling, running or other physical fitness activities. Persons also denoted use of exercise equipment, past or present health club membership, reading about fitness and health issues, and purchasing athletic or sports equipment.

Healthy living - Indicates persons in the household expressed an interest in self-improvement, health or natural foods, vitamins, diet and nutrition. Persons in the household may follow various diet programs, such as low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol, or high fiber. Persons may read books or magazines related to health and beauty and make purchases of vitamins and health-related products via different channels.

Self-improvement - Indicates persons in the household expressed an interest in or have engaged in activities related to career goals or self-improvement or are interested in books, videos or magazines on self-improvement.

An estimated 4,134,972 households were in this mailing list as of June 1, 2009. This database is in constant change and counts vary over time.

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