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Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists

Being in front of your target audience and regularly promoting your products or services is necessary to generate new business. No matter what niche market you’re targeting, we have the right mailing list for you. We have pinpointed the top consumer prospects from our database of more than 210 million consumers, enabling you to pursue your marketing goals. With the demographic selections already in place, you just need to choose the geographic area you want to target.

New Movers

New movers may be the perfect target market as they lack familiarity with local services and vendors. Our New Movers DatabaseSM is updated weekly and contains a fresh source of recently reported new movers, providing you with a solid pool of prospects.

High-Income New Movers

This comprises new movers with estimated annual household incomes of more than $100,000. Suggested applications include home improvement, furnishings, lawn services, newspaper and magazine offers, professional services and restaurant promotions.

New Homeowners

With above-average incomes and specific purchasing needs, new homeowners are receptive to direct mail and telephone promotions. Our New Homeowners DatabaseSM gives you access to second mortgages, investment property, private-party lenders and seller carry-backs.


This list is compiled from current public records, county deeds and tax assessor records. Homeowners are great prospects for mortgage refinancing offers, home-equity loans and other home-related financing offers.

Real Estate

Get information on renters with estimated annual household incomes of more than $50,000. Add demographic selections such as geography, age and length of residence to refine your list.

High-Income Real Estate

This list is derived from Experian's extensive Consumer database. This list is comprised of renters with estimated annual incomes of more than $100,000. We provide you with the most commonly requested renter data selections preselected.


This list contains renters derived from self-reported data. A probable renter is calculated using an algorithm based on lack of homeowner, the address type, and census percent renter.


The Mortgage database provides you with the most commonly requested home/mortgage data selections. This powerful list is ideal for banks, savings and loans, credit unions, mortgage originators — any organization that is looking for refinance or mortgage leads.

Note Holders

The note holders list gives you direct access to Experian's database of private-party lenders and seller carry-backs. Private-party lenders, also known as private mortgage holders, are individuals who have made a loan against secured property.


Persons in the household engage in finance, estate planning, money management, bonds, IRAs, stocks or money-management matters. They also may invest or plan to invest in real estate, commodities, 401(k)s, certificates of deposit, annuities or business opportunities.


This list is composed of households with estimated annual incomes of more than $100,000. High-income households spend more than the average population in practically all types of expenditures.

Health Enthusiasts

This database comprises individuals who have expressed an interest in or have engaged in physical fitness, healthy living, health or natural foods, vitamins, diet and nutrition, and/or self-improvement.

Sports Enthusiasts

These individuals express an interest in books, DVDs or magazines related to sporting activities or collecting sports items, they purchase sports equipment, and/or they express an interest in or engage in a variety of recreational sporting activities.

Green Consumers

Experian's GreenAwareSM segmentation system allows you to better understand and identify consumers based on their level of green activity – and in turn – convert them into profitable customers.