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New Movers List

New movers are eager to establish relationships with a wide range of local businesses. Reach out to this diverse yet highly responsive market with Experian's New Movers DatabaseSM. New movers are excellent prospects for a variety of goods and services, including household furnishings and appliances, home-improvement offers, phone service, insurance, local retail stores, banks, credit card organizations, catalogs, fundraising and restaurants.

Be the First to Introduce Your Business

Most new movers lack familiarity with local services and vendors. Here's your opportunity to open the door. Build a new movers mailing list by adding customers from our New Movers Database, and get to know prospective clients, including trade-up homebuyers, apartment renters, corporate climbers and retirees.

Highly Deliverable Names and Addresses

Access highly deliverable new movers' names and addresses. Experian® uses licensed U.S. Postal Service® (USPS®) and commercial software to code and evaluate address records.

Privacy Protection

Feel confident that our marketing products balance your interests with respect for consumer privacy. Mailing to receptive new movers improves response.

Hot Line Files

The New Movers Database is available as a 30-day hot line or can be selected for any time period during the past 12 months.

Targeted and Accurate Mailing Lists

The new movers mailing list is compiled from multiple sources, ensuring you broader and more in-depth coverage. The database is developed using Experian's unique, proprietary Change of Address (COA) data, recorded deed information on new home sales, telephone service providers and other reliable sources. No information on new movers is derived from the USPS Change of Address file.

New Movers Database Selects

The type of dwelling moved into and the distance moved affect the products and services consumers purchase. Home and apartment dwellers have distinct needs.

Demographic Selects

Age and income also influence the type of products and services needed. Use a variety of demographic selects to further refine your customized new movers mailing list.

Radius Marketing

Use radius marketing to geographically segment your new movers mailing list. You specify the locations that serve as reference points and the distance around those locations you want to explore. Based on the density of the population around your business, you can increase or decrease the radius.

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