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How to generate real estate leads and find qualified buyer prospects

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Nearly 20 percent of Americans move every year. Our mailing list database is brimming with custom real estate information such as length of residence, home value, home owner's age and income, census tract data and the presence of children. Top performers rely on proven real estate leads from Experian®.

Whether you're a realtor, broker or property manager, connecting with your ideal prospects is vital to your success.

Targeting tips for real estate leads:
  • Renters always have been a great target market for the real estate industry. Easily pinpoint higher-income renters who are prime candidates for home ownership.
  • Developing a dialogue with home owners interested in either moving up or downsizing has proven successful in generating listings. Not only can you select confirmed home owners, but you also can define your target market more specifically by considering a real estate lead's estimated available equity or property characteristics such as year built and presence of a swimming pool.
  • Baby boomers are influencing the housing market as they downsize, trade up and invest in second homes. To target baby boomers, you can use the year of birth demographic selection available in our consumer database to narrow your pool of real estate leads to those born between 1946 and 1964.
Predefined Mailing Lists for Real Estate Agents

Potential sellers: The key to growth in real estate is farming for future home sellers. Opening the lines of communication with promising prospects is integral to building long-term relationships.

Potential buyers: Owning a home is a dream for most renters. Reach out to these renters with open house invitations, pamphlets delineating what you need to know when you buy a home or an invitation to the next buyers' seminar you host.

  • Direct-mail frequency is critical to generating real estate leads and establishing a dialogue with the home owners and/or renters in your farm area. Sending a series of post cards or letters generates more impact than sending just one mail piece. Direct-marketing professionals suggest that you send your farm area mail routinely.
  • The secret to generating real estate leads is to find the right audience and create a message that truly connects with them. A great way to do this is by tapping into your prospect's' lifestyle and interests.
Sample Offers to Generate Real Estate Leads
Real estate agents:
  • Invitation to a private open house
  • Invitation to a bidding party
  • Free market analysis of the lead's home
  • Free seminar on buying a home
  • Free seminar on selling a home
  • Tips on how to stage a home for an open house
Property managers:
  • First month of rent free with a 12-month lease
  • Special leasing terms with options at three, six and 12 months
  • Discounts for moving services
  • Free coffeemaker with signed lease