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Note Holder Leads

We provide specially selected lists of real estate notes for entrepreneurs and note brokers seeking those who are taking payments on a mortgage note and might be in the market to sell their note. The Note Holders list gives you access directly to Experian's database of private party lenders and seller carry backs. Private party lenders, otherwise known as private mortgage holders, are persons who have made a loan against secured property.

We compile our list of note holder leads from more than just an address and key demographics. Experian's database management team pulls fresh data together from multiple sources, ensures the data's accuracy and then mines even deeper for valuable customer insight. This allows you to deliver the right message to the right note holder. When the information on your list is clean and valid, you can concentrate on executing successful campaigns.

By linking to the power of Experian's database, you are accessing the best possible leads of real estate notes. The information is checked, validated, cleansed and merged using our proprietary logic to build an accurate and complete repository of consumer marketing information. Your models will be more predictive, your marketing more targeted and your message more relevant. Experian's analytic and campaign management tools help you mail smarter. Our insight will help you measure marketing results.

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