Manage Your Business Credit, Reduce Credit Risk, and Understand Your Business Credit Rating

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Experian’s business credit services help small business owners protect and grow their business. Stay informed regarding your business credit file — and learn your business credit rating — so you can obtain the credit and funding you need. Plus, easily find business credit reports on your suppliers, partners or customers from our database of more than 27 million active U.S. businesses.

Manage Your Business Credit

Learn why and how to establish business credit separate from your personal credit. Build and control your credit scores so that you can acquire the credit you need. Find out how your small business looks to potential creditors.

Reduce Your Business Credit Risk

Avoid taking on a bad credit risk when contracting with another business. Experian® gives you the framework you need to make complicated business decisions. Whether you need to verify that a new business exists or obtain a detailed payment history, we can help you determine whether to do business with a company.

Obtain Business Credit Reports Online

Immediately run a credit check on any company, including your own. Make low or high-risk credit assessments with confidence. Choose the reports that you need to do what's right for your small business. With Experian's database of over 27 million active U.S. businesses, you'll get company research reports on your suppliers or customers.

Understand Business Credit

Understand your business credit report and score. Here we explain how suppliers, lenders and even customers use your credit report to assess your business. You’ll find out why your credit score fluctuates, how long data remains on your report and why you need to separate your business credit from your personal credit.

Manage Your Cash Flow

Empower yourself to make the right business decisions.

  • Evaluate prospective suppliers, business customers and partners
  • Monitor your business relationships
  • Collect on outstanding debt

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