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Learn how Experian partners and clients are using our products to overcome industry challenges, optimize marketing strategies, and more!

Ask the Expert

A Q&A series with AdTech experts

In this case study series, product experts from across the industry dive deep into topics that marketers like you care about most. We've got you covered on identity, targeting, attribution, and more! Learn how partners and clients are using Experian Marketing Services to drive ROI and overcome industry challenges.

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UID2 with The Trade Desk

The digital advertising landscape is undergoing a significant transformation with the gradual deprecation of third-party cookies.  With Unified I.D. 2.0, we’re not just replacing cookies, we’re revolutionizing the advertising industry. In this Ask the Expert segment, we sit down with The Trade Desk to discuss new strategies for audience targeting and data management. 

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Data ownership with Merkle

Data ownership enables businesses to have control over their own data to gain better insights into customer behavior, while audience ownership allows businesses to create their own audiences for enhanced marketing. In this Ask the Expert segment, we speak with Merkle about the ways that you can connect customer experiences with business results through data ownership and audience strategy. 

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Convergent TV and attribution with 605

Convergent TV measurement and attribution are crucial for advertisers and businesses to understand the impact of their marketing strategies on consumer behavior and assess the effectiveness of their TV campaigns. In this segment, we welcome 605 to discuss the significance of convergent TV, attribution, measurement, and safeguarding personal data to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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Data enrichment with a4

Data enrichment enhances first-party data sets with third-party data sources, creating more precise and personalized messaging. In this segment, a4 Advertising, an Experian client, explores why data enrichment is important and outlines its key benefits across connected TV (CTV) advertising. Discover how first-party data enrichment, powered by Experian solutions, enables a4 Advertising to build comprehensive customer profiles, expand their customer base, and precisely pinpoint target audiences.

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Sell-side targeting with OpenX

Sell-side targeting optimizes the way supply-side platforms (SSPs) and buyers work together, providing advertisers with increased reach and better performance. In this segment, we sit down with OpenX, an Experian partner, to discuss the shift we're seeing toward sell-side targeting, how Experian helps power OpenX's data segments and identity graphs within their SSP, and how to reach consumers in a cookieless future. 

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Hashed Email with DealerX

Hashed Email is a privacy-safe identifier that connects online and offline behavior. In this segment, DealerX, an Experian client, explores how Hashed Email resolves identity in an anonymized way to help gain deep insights into marketing performance and ad placement. Learn more about Hashed Email use cases, technical details, and how it can future-proof your identity strategy in a privacy-compliant way.

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