Harness the power of data and analytics for your TV advertising campaigns

With countless outlets available to share your message, brands have a bevy of opportunities to help them get the word out—but TV still reigns supreme. Today’s marketers need to ensure their ads are not only reaching the right audience, but that they’re also showing ROI. TV sellers can rival digital channels with sophisticated targeting technology and advanced data to allow TV to be used more cost effectively than ever before. Using a data-driven strategy, Experian can help your next TV advertising campaign go from black and white to technicolor.

Why Advanced TV?

Advanced TV delivers more targeted TV advertising than traditional planning by drawing from the same concepts as other marketing channels — using first-, second- and third-party audience data such as income, lifestyle interests, shopping behavior and family composition. With Advanced TV, marketers can sync their TV planning with marketing via online, mobile, email and direct mail to reap the benefits of improved customer loyalty and increased sales through an omnichannel campaign.

How Experian can help:
  • Audience targeting - OmniActivation™, powered by Experian’s Audience Engine, helps advertisers execute true one-to-one campaigns across multiple channels based on first-party CRM data, Experian data, or a combination of the two. 
  • Industry relationships - Experian’s extensive relationships with TV sellers means brands can leverage our data, as well as first-party data, anywhere in the TV ecosystem.
  • Direct integrations - Our direct integrations with MVPD’s allows for the highest match rates.
  • Media buying flexibility - Marketers can opt to deploy those audiences through a preferred agency or existing digital partners, or we can help you target your audience across multiple channels.
  • Effective campaign measurement - We can measure the offline sales effectiveness of your advanced, omni channel campaigns to glean insights, determine ROI, and improve future multi-channel strategies. 
Experian’s Advanced TV is your partner in targeted television ad buys

Despite concerns over cord cutting, TV still holds the heart of most households, with a majority still subscribed to connected, satellite or cable. Experian has relationships with all TV sellers and our data can be used anywhere in the TV ecosystem, so we can help you with your campaigns. Addressable TV is the next generation of media advertising using superior audience targeting, media-buying flexibility, and closed-loop reporting to help you effectively measure the success of your campaign.

Experian’s Advanced TV Partners:

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With Experian’s 50+ years of experience with consumer data, you can rely on us to help you execute a data-driven TV campaign that targets the right audience with your message. 

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