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And meet your audience wherever they are

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people; it took Instagram six months. To say that the number of channels where people can spend their time is exploding is an understatement. To keep up with the omni-channel consumer moving rapidly from screen to store, brands must create an omni-channel experience. And Experian Marketing Services has the consumer data, media partners, and reporting capabilities to tame the marketing chaos.

customer data engine

A complete picture of online and offline customer engagement

Take customer data platforms a step further by leveraging a complete picture of online and offline customer engagement, and by delivering the data, tools, and insights you need to reach customers and lookalike prospects. Experian’s Customer Data Engine can help you get more value out of existing data.

audiences at experian


Reach your target audience with ease.

Introducing Audiences@Experian, a new initiative to empower marketers to request audiences from Experian, and subsequently access the data via our platform partners. Experian is here to help you identify your customers and the right potential customers to make your campaigns as successful as possible.


OmniActivation and the Audience Engine

We have the partnerships and platform to get your audience where you need it.

Want to reach people wherever they are spending their time? Meet OmniActivation and the Audience Engine. Experian has pipes to over 85 media destinations across channels, including email, online, mobile and TV. From Facebook to Pandora to Dish Network, we can help you target exact individuals across channels, devices and publishers. Our solution is flexible. We’ll work with you to launch your first addressable campaign. And for brands and agencies doubling down on omni-channel marketing, our audience management platform – the Audience Engine – makes all of this possible in a couple of clicks.

connected tv

Connected TV

Reach your audience everywhere they stream.

Connected TV is a new way to reach your potential customers using high-quality, audience-targeted video advertising on any entertainment device that can stream video. You’ll have the ability to pinpoint pertinent viewers on popular streaming destinations like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku and more, no matter which streaming device they’re using.


Advanced TV

Advanced TV delivers more targeted TV advertising than traditional planning by drawing from the same concepts as other marketing channels — using first-, second- and third-party audience data such as income, lifestyle interests, shopping behavior and family composition. With Advanced TV, marketers can sync their TV planning with marketing via online, mobile, email and direct mail to reap the benefits of improved customer loyalty and increased sales through an omnichannel campaign.


OmniActivation Strategic Services

Meet our digital, programmatic media planning, buying and optimization team.

Experian’s OmniActivation Strategic Services team provides marketers with fully managed, data-driven digital campaigns. It starts by leveraging 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data, and ends in post-campaign, closed-loop reporting. Your campaign manager will launch your campaign by leveraging Experian’s proprietary programmatic trading desk and will optimize daily to meet your unique goals.


Audience onboarding

Connect your audience to their digital identifiers for 1 to 1 targeting.

Every day, brands leverage audience onboarding to link the customers they know in the offline world to their digital identities, such as cookies or mobile advertising IDs. When marketers do this, they can power better targeting, personalization and measurement. With Experian’s wealth of data, we can match and onboard audiences with scale and accuracy.  


Link and share data

Leverage our trusted, privacy-compliant matching capabilities.

Brands have trusted Experian as a leader in data management and privacy compliance for over 50 years. Our flexible safe-haven matching process ensures your data can be linked, transferred and managed in a privacy-compliant environment. Begin linking and sharing your data safely today.