Measurement that gives you the ability to prove marketing effectiveness

Measurement shouldn’t only answer the question “how did my campaign perform?” As a marketer, you should be using measurement to inform all facets of your future marketing campaigns.

OmniImpact is Experian’s powerful measurement solution that enables marketers to quickly gain access to powerful insights to improve your marketing strategy and influence future campaigns. With OmniImpact, you can start by measuring a single campaign within a single channel, and when you’re ready, we can add more campaigns and channels to the measurement mix.

We offer measurement for the following channels:

What can OmniImpact do for you?

  • Connect multiple worlds: Solid linkage is key when connecting digital, TV, direct mail, and email campaign data with real world impact. You need to be able to connect a conversion to the device that was used to view your ad for accurate attribution.
  • Visual reporting: OmniImpact reports are designed to illustrate actionable insights so you can evaluate success and recognize where you can improve – fast.
  • ConsumerView℠ data: Experian’s best-in-class data is available to add more insight to your target, like who is responding and how to target the next audience with precision.
  • Start fast: Standardized dashboards, pre-established methodology and easy access to campaign data helps marketers move fast when it’s time to measure.

"Digital media has created an expectation of accountability, tying media to business results. Experian reporting brings that same accountability to television and cross-screen campaigns. Together, we’re able to solve client problems. Experian’s Automotive Measurement Reports definitively prove our addressable video campaigns successfully drive business outcomes; whether that be an increase in sales, web traffic, foot traffic, etc."

-Lisa Kuchar, Cadent, one2one addressable

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