Tap into the power of the world's largest consumer database

Leverage Experian Marketing Service’s powerful consumer data to learn more about your customers, drive new business, and deliver intelligent interactions across all channels.

Connect the complex dots of identity resolution

Leverage our MarketingConnect services-based solution to link together disparate systems of audience insights and engagement to foster a more seamless and personalized omnichannel customer experience.

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identity resolution
A complete picture of online and offline customer engagement

Customer Data Engine takes customer data platforms a step further by getting a complete picture of online and offline customer engagement and by delivering the data, tools, and insights you need to reach customers and lookalike prospects. Experian’s Customer Data Engine can help brands and agencies get more value out of existing data.

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                     data engine
Target and segment your customers with rich consumer data

Experian’s U.S. ConsumerView marketing database covers over 300 million individuals and 126 million households. With the freshest data compiled from hundreds of public and proprietary sources, Experian has thousands of powerful data points to help marketers reach their targeting goals, including demographics, purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests and attitudes.

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Create your perfect audience

With a powerful combination of data, including demographic data, life event triggers, purchase predictors, lifestyle segmentation and marketing channel preferences, Experian’s Data MixologyTM can help you create the perfect audience to promote your product or service.

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data mixology
Improve marketing effectiveness using insights from consumer behavior

Fine-tune your targeting strategies, identify more targeted and qualified prospects, make more relevant offers and discover a universe of untapped business opportunities.

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marketing analytics
Manage customer data through robust database management

It’s time to break down your organization’s data silos. Marketers know that connecting and protecting customer information through database management is fundamental to delivering a seamless customer experience. Learn more about how our solution can help put the data at your fingertips.

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Cleanse and validate customer data for better direct marketing

Avoid wasted time, materials, marketing dollars and a poor customer experience by ensuring your marketing data is clean and accurate. Our industry-leading audience and list processing services ensure your direct marketing campaigns are personalized, cost effective and deliverable.

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Expand reach through custom modeling

Your brand’s newest fan is just around the corner. Experian’s powerful combination of consumer data and modeling experience backed by a team of PhD’s and analysts means we can help you successfully reach your best prospects through custom and look-alike modeling.

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Connect customer identities across channels

No matter the channel or device, consumers expect and demand a personalized experience from brands. To surprise and delight customers, you must have a real-time, single view of them. From intelligence on your email program to persistent customer linkage, Experian helps brands manage their customer identities to fuel better 1-to-1 marketing.

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Communicate with your customers on a personal level

Pair the perfect messaging styles with the right channels and call to actions to deliver a personalized experience to your best customers. TrueTouch segments were developed with the idea that no consumer is the same - and they need to be engaged with on their terms to successfully market to them.

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contact management
Identify your most profitable audiences

Experian's Financial and Wealth Audiences suite of solutions can help you accurately target consumers for financial services offerings using wealth indicator audiences, developed through our exclusive partnership with First Manhattan Consulting Group (FMCG Direct). 

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