In-store and online shopping, app-based purchases, e-mail marketing, loyalty programs and more offer retailers countless opportunities to connect with and engage consumers. But retailers can run into trouble if they have siloed, disparate or poor-quality data, the wrong message and/or channels, or aren’t measuring or optimizing their campaigns.

As your single-solution provider for all your retail marketing needs, Experian Marketing Services is revolutionizing the future of data for retailers to enhance the consumer journey.

Better engage with customers to provide a more meaningful experience

Today’s consumers are adding additional complications by being increasingly connected and expecting instant reactions from the businesses they frequent. Not only do they shop with their emotions and feel more connection to experiences over products, but they want personalized service—a shopping experience that’s tailor-made and delivered directly to them.

Using data and analytics, we can help you initiate meaningful engagements to better understand existing customers and find new ones. We’re ready to help you identify your best customers, create messaging that resonates, activate your message on the right channels, and measure the impact of your campaigns.

The team behind Experian’s Retail Marketing Solutions knows retail—and we’re ready to help you make smarter, faster data-driven marketing decisions. We can help you:

  • Link together disparate systems of audience insights and engagement, both online and offline.
  • Understand how best to target and retain those who have started or stopped interacting with your brand, and those who have shifted from in-store to online purchasing.
  • Target consumers with messaging that resonates across multiple channels.
  • Determine the impact on your bottom line and help you justify future marketing spend.
  • Analyze your transaction data to identify strengths and weaknesses so you can effectively build on both categories.
  • Obtain robust data and advanced analytics to profile and build personas of current and potential customers.
  • Create solid customer models and help you identify future consumer targets using our customer journey and lifestyle mapping capabilities. Let us help you make the best sense of the data you have with trained data analysts.
  • Get access to the highest quality business data, both current and archived, for analytics and research to support your decisions and strategies.
Why Experian?

We’re not just here to give you more data. With our consultative approach, we can help you make sense of it all and use it to make more insightful decisions so you can remain profitable and competitive.

For over 50 years, we’ve built up expertise across multiple industries including retail — and we’re ready to share our best practices with you.

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