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Press Releases

Press Releases

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Response Attribution

Giving marketers a consolidated view of the impact of their multi-channel marketing programs

Response Attribution supports multiple approaches to measuring marketing effectiveness based on awareness, acquisition, retention and loyalty.  Our solutions are born from years of experience in direct marketing attribution and combine all response channels – eCommerce, traditional retail, and call center.  Response Attribution allows the marketer to include data from mass, social, digital and traditional marketing channels to measure the complete path to purchase that your customers are taking and effectively allocate the marketing budget.

Four Complete Methodologies

Our pragmatic approach includes four distinct methodologies: Direct Attribution, Inferred Attribution, Fractional Allocation, and Touch-Point Attribution – to allow for evolutionary user adoption.  Users will receive standard and customized reporting and be able to query and download the results from data that is also extractable for output.

Download the Response Attribution Solutions product sheet for more details.

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