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OmniActivationSM Strategic Services

Reach consumers with precision and scale

Experian Marketing Services’ OmniActivation Strategic Services utilizes a digital advertising platform that allows marketers to utilize consumer data within display advertising for more relevant messaging. As a full-solution provider of advanced advertising, we enable cost-efficient audience targeting that goes beyond simple demographic or contextual targeting.

Marketers do not need to sacrifice audience quality for reach because Experian Marketing Services delivers an online audience that includes millions of consumers.

OmniActivation Strategic Services for display advertising empowers marketers to:
  • Leverage their own customer data to directly reach customers
  • Target precise consumer audiences such as “in-the-market for auto” or “green aware”
  • Ensure brand and messaging consistency

Audience IQ Display Advertising Standard Segments

Standard Segments

Increase your display advertising effectiveness by using our pre-designed segments to identify high-value audiences.

Audience IQ Display Advertising Custom Segments

Custom Segments

Leverage your internal data to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Acquire new customers

Connect to your target audience through data-driven customized messaging.

Retain your best customers

Increase retention through relevant and targeted advanced advertising.

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