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On March 28, 2018, Facebook announced they will be shutting down Partner Categories. Partner Categories enabled advertisers to access the targeting segments from Experian needed to reach the people who matter most to their businesses. These targeting segments enabled advertisers to target ads to reach people Facebook can’t identify itself, such as coupon users or people who frequently buy luxury goods.

Effective August 16, 2018, Facebook will remove all Partner Categories from its Ads Manager and through Campaign Management Partners. But don’t worry, Experian’s got your back!

Custom Audiences

We have developed a Digital Audience Activation to seamlessly transition your Facebook campaigns from Partner Categories to Custom Audiences so you don’t miss any opportunities to achieve your business goals.

Utilizing Experian Custom Audiences, advertisers can leverage their own first-party data, third-party data from Experian’s ConsumerViewSM marketing database, or a combination of the two to build audience segments and optimize campaigns.

These audiences will allow you to reach the same target segments that you have in the past, and potentially help you reach even more in the future. The digital advertising world without Facebook Partner Categories will certainly be different, but we want you to know that throughout the transition, Experian is here to help!

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