The Discovery Platform

A data-driven marketing compass to inform and elevate your customer insights

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Unleash the power of your data with Experian’s Discovery platform – a self-service audience profiling and marketing insights portal. Craft a compelling portrait of your customer with robust assets that infuse dimension into your seemingly flat data. Access people-first attributes such as demographics, lifestyle and behavioral profiles, decision making styles, propensity-to-buy indexes and more. Deliver your messaging via the channels that your prospects frequent. Gain an edge by mapping out their likely interaction with your brand as well as with your competition. All of this and more while staying within the confines of the ever-changing privacy and data regulation landscape. 

You can use it to:

  • Paint a robust picture of your customer using Experian's ConsumerView data and identity palette
  • Piece your customers' preferences and habits together to inform your engagement strategy
  • Build your engagement strategy based on the channels your audience frequents the most
  • Estimate and act on your audience's propensity and urgency to buy
  • Find prospects that match key traits of your existing base to grow mind-share and incrementality
  • Meet your audience in the spaces that they love most
  • Do all this within Experian's guardrails of consumer privacy and consent

Access reports including:

  • Audience profile reports
  • Media Audience Profile (MAP) reports
  • Geo-based audiences
  • Mobile location reports – i.e. reach, frequency
  • Competitor brand visitation
  • Digital publisher site propensity and more

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