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Advertising on traditional TV doesn’t guarantee your message will get delivered to the right audience, and the Internet brings additional challenges in reaching your customer. Fragmented data, multiple streaming options and complicated metrics can make marketing buys more of a minefield than it ever was.

Connected TV doesn’t just address these issues; it changes the game. With Connected TV, you can…

  • TARGET your audience more effectively using first- and third-party data, combining your information with ours for the ultimate in audience recognition.
  • FIND YOUR AUDIENCE in the streaming world’s most beloved TV shows and movies, and make sure they don’t miss your message.
  • RETARGET AND RE-ENGAGE with multiple viewers within the same household, regardless of the device from which they're streaming.
  • MEASURE your campaign with precision using next-generation, top-of-the-line tools and metrics that show your success (or areas needing improvement).

Connected TV gives you the power to pinpoint pertinent viewers on popular streaming destinations such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Roku, and advertise on streaming-compatible devices including DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, and more. You’ll reach your audience on every platform and device they watch.

Experian can manage your connected TV campaign, soup to nuts! Here’s how:

  1. You provide us with your campaign objectives, target audience and message. We can also help you build this out, if needed.
  2. Experian makes recommendations for ad placement—where and when your message should appear to ensure your target audience sees it.
  3. Experian sends you the insertion order.
  4. Experian executes the campaign and shares the results with you.

Let’s get started! Complete the form at the right and an Experian sales representation will contact you soon!

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