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List brokers
The third-party marketplace is made up of a wide range of participants list brokers, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, database marketing firms, market research companies, service bureaus, and marketing technology firms. As a member of this market, you need trustworthy solutions for new and existing marketing programs. You need quality customer service, on-target marketing recommendations and cutting-edge technology.

Today, marketers are enhancing their customer files to learn more about their customer base and using custom models to reach "like" customers and find new, profitable niches. More marketers are tapping into the important, fast-growing Hispanic marketplace, and other ethnic marketing opportunities, and need cost-effective specialty lists.

You need a company that can anticipate your needs and work alongside you, from the proposal process through response analysis. Experian will provide exceptional support to distinguish your services in the marketplace and expand your business.

Provide industry-best data for prospecting, profiling and modeling
Business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketers need to acquire profitable new customers, cross-sell, up-sell and reactivate existing customers.

Understand your online and offline customers better
Maximize your customer capture rates by leveraging the largest consumer information repository in the industry.

Reduce mailing costs and improve deliverability
To combat rising postal rates, direct marketers in all industries are redoubling efforts to make their campaigns more cost-effective.

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