Experian's Sixth Annual Data Breach Preparedness Study

Experian's Sixth Annual Study: Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach, conducted by Ponemon Institute, examines the progress companies are making in preparing for the increasing likelihood they will have personal and sensitive information lost or stolen in the coming year. In this study, we surveyed professionals in IT and IT security, compliance and privacy, who are involved in data breach response plans in their organizations. The types of threats facing organizations are constantly evolving, challenging the ability of organizations to be adequately prepared to respond to a data breach.

The findings reveal that only 36% of businesses are prepared to respond to a data breach and confidence levels to control growing threats is low.

The study identified these key areas for improvement:

  • C-Suite Engagement
  • Security Processes
  • Employee Training
  • Response Plan

“We’d like to see 100 percent of companies prepared and trained to handle any kind of data breach whether it’s malware infiltration or ransomware. Prevention is the key, but if an incident occurs, swift management afterward will greatly minimize the damage,” said Michael Bruemmer, vice president of Data Breach Resolution at Experian. “Organizations should implement a strong security posture staying up to date with the latest attack threats, engage in pre-breach agreements with security partners and hold a practice drill every year with a dedicated response team.”

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