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Finding profitable new customers, competition from aggressive retail merchants, and optimizing customer history during call center and Web site transactions to maximize sales are all challenging the catalog industry. As sales and marketing channels continue to converge, catalogers need new solutions to:
  • Acquire and retain profitable customers
  • Control the costs of managing customer data and internal resources
  • Convert single buyers into multi-buyers
  • Uncover future multichannel growth opportunities

Experian provides end-to-end solutions to help catalogers meet these challenges head on.

Achieve positive returns on all your marketing investments

Whether you are a business-to-consumer or business-to-business cataloger, you can acquire, retain, reactivate and cross-sell profitable customers. Experian's quality information includes catalog direct response, affluence indicators, life events, self-reported consumer behavior, business profiles and more to build targeted lists and gain insight for data analysis and modeling.

Convert your single buyers to multi-buyers
By knowing more about your existing catalog customers, you can make the most effective communications.

Look for the best in data integration and enhancement
Get accurate and current information at the point of customer interaction while gaining instant access to your database.

Maximize your catalog mailing
To get the most out of your catalog mailing activities, you need expertise in all aspects of mailing operations.

Strengthen your online efforts
Develop strong interactive relationships with information that delivers responsive and highly qualified prospects.

Find prospects for new customer acquisition
Information on prospects can come from a variety of sources.

Manage your customer database and track promotional history
Get database solutions that combine power and flexibility, along with a complete, consistent and accurate view of customers over time.

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