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What is Profile Manager

Experian Marketing Services’ Alchemy Social Profile Manager captures and stores customer social profiles, and allows you to build your own customer social graph. Use the data to inform your sales, content and media strategies, and link to Alchemy Social Ad Manager to target individuals and segments on Facebook.

Profile Manager is your social data hub, and allows you to:

  • Capture and store public and opt in social data via social listening and social applications.
  • Gain deep insight into your customers and prospects, at a segment and individual record level.
  • Measure the distribution of your content beyond the first click, giving you a true picture of the value of sharing from your site.
  • Identify and target your influencers by understanding the volume and value of traffic they refer to your site.
  • Deliver a personalized brand experience, on your website or in email.

View the data in our dashboard, in your CRM system, and receive robust reporting to determine the value of social data to your brand.

Profile Manager can be deployed on a single social application, or across all enterprise social applications. We'll work with you to ensure your marketing and e-commerce teams are applying standard data collection levels across the business, and collecting data in one location, not many.

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