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Pre-qualified fan bases and the metrics that demonstrate their superior worth

Pre-qualified fan bases and the metrics that demonstrate their superior worth

Acquiring fans is a popular way for brands to engage with their customers but many advertisers have difficulty quantifying the value of their fan base. Measuring the return of fans acquired during a Facebook ad campaign requires a more sophisticated approach using metrics that go beyond the click. Advertisers can avoid overspending in pursuit of superficial results by using the right ads for the right objectives and focusing on behavioral changes to measure the true impact of a fan acquisition campaign.

Fashion Retailer Case Study

The fashion retailer this case study is focused on launched a global campaign to build awareness around their latest line of ladies denims. Facebook fan ads were used to support the wider digital display campaign. The primary objective of the campaign was to acquire fans that were relevant to the brand while optimizing the campaign to standard key metrics. The results speak for themselves with rates significantly out-performing industry benchmarks in most major categories.

Clicks and Cascades - Optimizing the return on investment from social sharing

This white paper explores some of the ways that brands can leverage this new insight to drive a greater return from social media strategies.

Cobone: Alchemy Social costs 25% less than search for daily deal ads

Cobone, a leading daily deals site in the Middle East was using Facebook ads to acquire subscribers to its mailing list who could be targeted using email marketing. This approach was yielding good results but to improve the immediate ROI realized by their social ads they decided to adopt a hybrid approach and so also began running direct sales ads. The results speak for themselves: Cobone’s user base expanded by 33% and users targeted using Alchemy visited Cobone’s site 95% more than users targeted in previous campaigns. Social registrations cost 25% less than search.

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