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New Report: Millennials come of age

New Report: Millennials come of age

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Simmons® Retail Shopper Segmentation System

The Simmons National Consumer Study and National Hispanic Consumer Study are now accompanied with free segmentation systems --one of which is the Retail Shopper segmentation system. Simmons divided American retail shoppers into six segments. The definition of each segment is listed below.

  • Just the Essentials: Consumers who primarily purchase necessities; they know what they want before they go shopping and are not impulsive shoppers. Key Themes: no nonsense 
  • Status Strivers: Shopping is fun and recreational; they like to browse as much as buy; willing to travel to stores and spend the money and time necessary to keep up with trends. Key Theme: image 
  • Mall Maniacs: Not just consumers, they are "try-sumers"; like to try new products, stores and styles; connect and interact with preferred brands; shopping brings enjoyment to them. Key Themes: attention, approval, quality and image
  • Upscale Clicks and Bricks: Knowledgeable consumers who buy in-store or online; always carefully research purchases online first, shop around and compare prices before buying. Key Theme: good deals
  • Virtual Shoppers: Go for the bargains and the Internet helps them find discounts so they don't pay full price. Key Themes: affordability and ease
  • Original Traditionalists: Loyal to their brands, stores, services, and their country; knowledgeable and the most environmentally responsible group who incorporate green practices on a regular basis. Key Themes: experience, trust, and reliability

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