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The 2012 election campaigns are moving into full swing and in this hyper-political era marketers need to be ready. Experian Simmons delivers the mindset of the American voter with PoliticalPersonasSM. This new consumer segmentation system helps politicians, media owners, advertisers and agencies prepare for the season ahead by delivering a detailed understanding of key voter segments, including in-depth demographics, responsiveness to various media platforms and attitudes and opinions on important political issues and social trends.

From the national stage to the local market, PoliticalPersonas provides marketers with:

  • The ability to understand who the voting population is in a very precise manner; the segments go beyond merely identifying voters as Republican, Democrat or Independent, but rather look at the subsets of each of these groups.
  • An understanding of “hot button” issues for the voting public.
  • A deeper understanding of voter registration and their self-reported voting records.
  • The foundation to create targeted messages for individual groups, both at the party and issue level.
  • The ability to efficiently target specific groups of voters at the national, state and local level.


In this report, we will:

  • Reveal the 10 mutually exclusive PoliticalPersonas segments and provide insights into their voting behaviors and political outlook
  • Identify non-political motivations of each segment
  • Trend economic outlook by political ideology using the Consumer Expectation Index
  • Examine media preferences to better understand how to reach key segments
  • Reveal the brand preferences of each voter segment
  • Explore the ways that each segment are adopting social media
  • Chart the distribution of segments in key swing states

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