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Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

The Internet of Things- Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

Simmons® mobile consumer segmentation system and psychographic scales

Mobile devices have become an essential part of everyday life. Today, nine in ten U.S adults have at least one mobile device. The Simmons mobile users segmentation system and mobile psychographic scales give clients superior insights into Americans’ world of communication, information and entertainment needs. The mobile users segmentation system and mobile psychographic scales are available in the Simmons national consumer study.

The five mobile users consumer segments now available include:

  • Mobirati: Mobirati represent the mobile generation. They grew up with cell phones and cannot imagine life without them. Cell phone devices are a central part of their everyday lives.
  • Social connectors: Communication is central in the lives of Social Connectors. Their cell phone allows them to keep up-to-date with friends and social events. The cell phone device is the bridge to their social world.
  • Mobile professionals: Mobile professionals are multiple feature users. Their cell phone helps them keep up with their professional life in addition to their personal life. Members of this segment are more likely to own a smart phone. Their cell phone has become their all-in-one device for their communication and information needs.
  • Pragmatic adopters: Cell phones came to life for pragmatic adopters in their adult years. They are the ones who are still learning there are other things to do with your phone beyond just saying “Hello.” Cell phones are more a part of their everyday life than before but still more functional than entertaining to them.
  • Basic planners: Basic planners are not into cell phones or the world of technology. They use their cell phone just for the basics. The cell phone is just another communication device for this group.

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