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Simmons® food lifestyle segmentation System

Food is an integral part of American culture and understanding Americans' food habits provides us with a greater understanding of consumer lifestyles, attitudes and purchase behaviors. The Simmons food lifestyle segmentation solution gives clients deep insights into Americans' diverse eating habits and attitudes about food. The food lifestyle segments are based on key dimensions such as attitudes towards cooking, motivation for eating healthy, interest in obtaining information from food labels and opinions on fast food. The food lifestyle segmentation solution is available in the Simmons national consumer study and includes the following five distinct segments:

  • Convenience and ease: The convenience and ease segment wants food that is fast, convenient and easy to prepare and/or eat.  They show little interest in cooking, healthy eating or nutritional value. These people prefer picking up a prepared meal to spending time cooking at home.  In a word, their relationship with food is summed up by: functionality.
  • Reformed traditionals: Reformed traditionals have realized they should make healthier choices in food rather than letting convenience be the guiding force. They have no qualms about buying fresh food and have learned their ingredients should have nutritional value. Reformed Traditionals stay away from junk food, they watch their fat intake and are always looking for information about the ingredients and nutritional content of the food products they buy. Their relationship with food is characterized by healthy eating habits.
  • Variety on a budget: The variety on a budget segment is very busy and frequently eats on the run. They see frozen food as a convenient alternative to preparing meals with fresh ingredients and rarely plan ahead for their meals. This group expresses interest in gourmet food-as long as it fits in their budget. They have their own appreciation of the relationship between food and good health.
  • True foodies: True foodies are passionate about food and spend a lot of time cooking at home. They prefer to buy organic food, want their ingredients fresh and buy environmentally friendly products. True Foodies tend to eat a variety of food, love to experiment with different cuisines and at the same time have adopted a healthy eating lifestyle. They have the most culinary expertise and have a love relationship with food.
  • Weekend cooks: Weekend cooks have some interest in cooking, but are mostly sociable home chefs. When they can find some time in their busy schedule they like to cook for friends and/or family. For Weekend Cooks meal preparation should be less formal and less time consuming. Weekend Cooks like to indulge in food that they crave without checking on calories or nutritional values. There is no conflict between tasty food and healthy food for them; a ‘tasty way' is a ‘healthy way.' Their relationship with food is more like a leisure activity in itself.

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