The Internet of Things

Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

The Internet of Things- Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

Simmons® DataStreamSM

Simmons DataStream is an industry-first service that provides advertisers, agencies and media companies with a single-source solution to assess advertising performance and detect consumer trends that marketers can use to demonstrate that their actions drive measurable results.

Trend and analyze consumer behavior week-by-week

Simmons DataStream delivers weekly updates of over 55,000 consumer data elements from the trusted Simmons National Consumer Study and National Hispanic Consumer Study, guaranteeing that marketers can identify and react to changing consumer sentiments, seasonality shifts and other market fluctuations.

Marketers can track changes in consumer:

  • Shopping behaviors
  • Brand preferences
  • Attitudes and opinions
  • Media consumption
  • Lifestyles
  • Demographics
  • And more

Enhanced measurement of marketing effectiveness

Simmons DataStream’s use of a unique time-series format provides marketers with the ability to cost-effectively evaluate the performance of individual advertising campaigns, sponsorships, events and other marketing activities.

This includes the ability to:

  • measure changes in a broad range of custom-defined consumer variables among the targeted audience
  • flexibly determine a specific window of time for each advertising effectiveness analysis, including a pre- and post-campaign benchmark

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