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Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

The Internet of Things- Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

Simmons® Custom 360

Enhance customer files with Simmons measures for a complete customer view

Experian Marketing Services helps marketers take customer data out of the silo by enhancing it with relevant attitudes, behaviors, media preferences and more from the trusted Simmons National Consumer Study. No other research partner offers marketers the ability to seamlessly incorporate time-tested syndicated survey measures into a custom research tool like Simmons Custom 360.

Enhancing your customer database with the trusted consumer research developed by Experian Marketing Services will provide you with a vivid, three-dimensional profile of your target customers and the ability to build more discreet and actionable segments for more effective targeting.

Fill in data gaps for superior consumer understanding and targeting



By expanding the information marketers know about their customers, Simmons Custom 360 provides marketers with the insights necessary to effectively reach consumers through media and guide message strategies. Further, customer data files enhanced with selected Simmons variables enables the creation of richer, more discerning consumer segments that can also be integrated into the NCS or NHCS unlocking tens of thousands of additional consumer elements for the most vivid consumer profiling tool yet. 

Powerful online analysis platform

Simmons Custom 360 clients can analyze all of the information they possess about their customers in aggregate—including those variables obtained through custom research—through the popular Simmons OneView online platform. Simmons OneView is the same platform that Simmons clients use to access the entire Simmons product suite, and contains powerful analytic tools and reports to provide marketers with a single, complete view of consumer targets through a secure online platform.

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