The Internet of Things

Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

The Internet of Things- Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

Behavioral targeting with Simmons® television BehaviorGraphics

Simmons BehaviorGraphics is a groundbreaking behavioral targeting system that enables marketers to link the deep consumer insights within the Simmons National Consumer Study with the Nielsen Television Index. Because Simmons BehaviorGraphics resides in both Simmons studies and in Nielsen's NTI, clients can:

  • Seamlessly pull a consumer/lifestyle profile on a segment(s) in the Simmons National Consumer Study and also ratings on that same segment(s) in Nielsen
  • Profile the viewership of their programs using the segments in the Nielsen NTI, and use this data to profile their viewers using the Simmons National Consumer Study data
  • Develop their most efficient schedule in Nielsen and Simmons by targeting consumers, not demographics
Key benefits to clients:
  • A patented integration of Nielsen and Simmons data that segments consumers based on their television viewing behavior
  • Segmenting based on a behavior (TV viewing) rather than on demographics serves as a better predictor of other consumer behaviors (for example, automotive needs and restaurant dining)
  • Segments are available in the Simmons Adult, Teen and Kid Studies and in the Nielsen NTI
Our behavioral targeting solution is designed to:
  • Define and differentiate viewers of TV broadcast networks, cable networks and syndicators
  • Increase competitive revenue share
  • Enhance new business development for both media companies and advertising agencies
  • Maximize the efficiency of advertising inventory
  • Provide in-depth customer analysis within an organization's data assets
Case Study

Client: A cable company was preparing to unveil a new program and wanted to understand how to promote to advertisers, when to program it and how to advertise it to viewers.

Challenge/objective: By using Simmons BehaviorGraphics, the cable network created a Simmons BehaviorGraphics profile of the program and showed advertisers how its core viewers provided excellent targets for a variety of key consumer products. The cable network also could understand the viewing patterns of the key target group and determine when they are most available to view the program so it could schedule accordingly and create audience projections. Finally, Simmons BehaviorGraphics allowed network executives to understand other media usage more effectively and understand where to best promote the new program.

Resolution and results: Successful launch of the new program resulted in hitting projected audience figures and increased ad sales revenue.

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