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Understand your online and offline customers better
Prime Performance ModelingInvite your customers back. We can tailor a solution to maximize your customer capture rates by leveraging the largest consumer information repository in the industry. Are you already capturing customer name and ZIP CodeTM at your point of sale? We can help you complete contact information and give you the ability to communicate with customers on an ongoing basis.

With TrueTouchSM from Experian, learn exactly how your customers want to hear from you and communicate with them through the most effective channels. Only TrueTouch provides actionable insight into audience, message, channel and timing.

Experian's Data Enhancement Services give you unparalleled data options for use in your modeling and statistical applications, and insight to fine-tune your marketing plans and strengthen customer relationships.

Available for both list selection and data append, our innovative Segmentation Systems help you understand the lifestyles, product interests, and spending habits of your best customers and prime prospects.

For more information about understanding your customers better, call us today at 888 375 5716.


Experian is a non-exclusive Full Service Provider Licensee of the USPS®. The prices established for these products are not established, controlled, or approved by the U.S. Government or the USPS. The following trademarks are owned by the USPS: ZIP CodeTM

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