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To beat the competition, stand out in a saturated marketplace and succeed despite tightening margins, savvy retailers are focusing on customer-centric service, personalization and loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. Retaining and growing profits requires new solutions to:
  • Get shoppers into stores
  • Create a complete customer view and determine customer value
  • Improve contact strategies to strengthen relationships
  • Uncover future multichannel growth opportunities

Experian provides marketing solutions specifically developed to help retail companies meet their challenges head on.

Enhance online efforts
It is possible to create personal connections with consumers via the Web – learn how.

Understand your online and offline customers better
Invite your customers back.

Achieve positive returns on all your marketing investments
Increase store traffic and profits.

Build an integrated database
Use your customer information to grow your business.

Maximize retail mailings
Get your products and services noticed with creative sample packaging, specialty printing and the most reliable delivery anywhere.

Free Webinars
Engineering loyalty: Your road map to customer-centric retail marketing
Learn how to build a customer-centric marketing plan and optimize for loyalty in this two-part Webinar series.
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