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Media organizations, publishers, cable and broadcast networks and online entertainment companies are facing intense competition and industry consolidation. They need aggressive marketing solutions to:
  • Acquire and retain profitable readers, viewers, users and listeners
  • Control the costs of managing customer data and internal resources
  • Strengthen and grow advertising relationships
  • Uncover future growth opportunities for content, new products and partnerships
Experian's solutions support a broad array of media companies and provide the information and insight, list processing, customer data integration and e-marketing services you need for bottom-line results.

Satisfy customers, advertisers and your appetite for success

Experian's quality consumer and business information helps you acquire and retain customers and advertisers across your distribution channels. Our data management solutions efficiently integrate customer information from multiple business units and databases to create a complete, consistent and accurate view of your customers.

Whether it's through direct mail, telemarketing, online or at the point of sale, Experian helps you connect with your customers.

Strengthen your mailing efforts
To get the most out of your mailing activities, you need expertise in all aspects of mailing operations.

Understand your customer base better
A thorough understanding of your customer base helps you make intelligent decisions about key marketing practices.

Find prospects for new customer acquisition
Prospect information in the media industry can come from a variety of sources.

Enhance your online activities
Develop strong interactive relationships with information that delivers responsive and highly qualified prospects.

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