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We make connections simple and human; by building strong relationships, we connect people, households, and devices. We want to help you drive more meaningful interactions so your consumers can connect, engage, and thrive. 

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Who we are

We are the trusted partner for brands that put people first. We connect data to people. When it comes to our technology, we’re always building toward deeper human understanding. By understanding people, you can make smarter, more efficient, consumer-conscious business decisions. Together we can put people at the center of your marketing.

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What we do

We bring you the highest-resolution of people so you and your customers can connect with confidence. At Experian, we know empathy is a superpower. Who are people, really? Who do they aspire to be? What do they need to hear, right now? We will be with you, every step of the way, on your journey to bring people to the center of your marketing. 

Our solutions

We are all stronger when we are connected. We believe in bringing data and identity together. We are collaborative, enable interoperability, and are committed to co-creating an industry that enables our partners and peers.

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Your data discovery solutions

Knowing your audience and what is important to them is critical to your marketing success. With our years of privacy-compliant data, segments, insights, and discovery, you'll have a deeper understanding of your customers.


Consumer Sync

Your consumer identity solutions

Make your marketing work more efficiently. Consumer Sync enables signal agnostic collaboration across marketers and technologies, bringing together digital devices and IDs, households, and attributes to gain a better understanding of consumers and make identities actionable in any environment.

Why brands trust Experian

Challenges will arise, and we are right there with you as a guide; we will help you navigate change so that you can continue to reach your audience confidently and ethically.

We reveal the story of your data

We reveal the story of your data

Marketing is expensive, and there are more places than ever to put your marketing dollars today — but you need to make sure you’re investing in data-driven marketing solutions. All data has a story to tell about your customers. We have the tools and insights to tell that story so you can connect with people in relevant and meaningful ways.

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Identity is just the beginning

You need a razor-sharp understanding of your audience to make marketing decisions that keep people coming back. Building off of our core data assets, we synchronize our understanding of consumers across the ecosystem, helping you identify new prospects, inform your campaigns, build loyalty, and grow your business.

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