Effective marketing starts with understanding your customers

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and boost return on investment (ROI)

Data, segmentation, analytics: this is the modern marketer's toolkit to understanding their best customers—and gaining new ones.

Experian’s Custom Analytics offers marketers the insight that drives confident strategies. From profiling and understanding your best customers, developing prospect models based on those best-customer profiles, to closing the loop on your campaigns with measurement and ROI analysis – Experian’s Custom Analytics expertise provide marketers with insights that inspire confidence.

  • Get a deep understanding of your current customers  ̶  Are you taking advantage of your own data? Our data mining capabilities create in-depth profiles and actionable insights about your customers that unlock your ability to maximize opportunities within your customer portfolio. Our Custom Analytics team uses your internal data and Experian’s ConsumerViewSM database, and our Mosaic USA Lifestyle Segmentation System.
  • Develop data-driven marketing  ̶  Our segmentation techniques generate customized personas of your customers that improve messaging and marketing effectiveness of your customers. You’ll uncover more insight about your best customers, and achieve a holistic profile of each of your customized segments to drive smarter marketing strategies.
  • Enhance customer marketing effectiveness  ̶  Our modeling competencies are used to build solutions that identify targets for cross-sells, suggest a customer’s next best product, improve customer activation and retention, increase customer value, and enhance marketing effectiveness
  • Find the right, new customers  ̶  With our leading consumer database and profile or look-alike modeling methods, we’ll identify and create targeted audiences that can be served in many different marketing channels to increase awareness, engagement and conversion, and help you grow your customer base.
  • Test, measure and learn for success  ̶  The final piece of the puzzle is measurement. We'll help determine the effectiveness of your marketing through response analysis, understanding your customer’s path to purchase, measuring response attribution, and optimizing your marketing mix, paving the way for you to keep on the path to success.

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Data Clique partnered with Experian Marketing Services to give a national fitness chain an exercise in driving new memberships through identifying their best customers.

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