Experian’s TrueTouch is a data-driven content and contact engagement solution that empowers you to pair the perfect messaging styles with the right channels and call to actions to deliver a personalized experience to your best customers. TrueTouch segments were developed with the idea that no two consumers are the same - and they need to be engaged with on their terms to successfully market to them.

Marketers can create high-performing content and creative, identify the proper marketing channels to optimize engagement and streamline the customer’s path to purchase. The three dimensions of TrueTouch provide actionable insights to put data behind your tactical decisions:

1. Decision Making Styles: How to market guide, examples include:

  • Savvy researchers: These consumers like to compare prices across different sites before purchasing and typically read online reviews and consumer reports.
  • Organic and natural: These consumers buy natural and organic products, often preferring to put natural things in their homes and bodies.
  • Brand Loyalists: These consumers are willing to pay more for proven and reputable brands.
  • Deal seekers: Price is more important to these consumers than brand name.

3. Conversion Channel Preferences: Drive consumers to their preferred channel when making purchases, including

  • Online Deal Voucher
  • Discount Supercenters
  • Ebid Sites
  • Etail Only
  • Mid-High End Stores
  • Specialty Dept Stores
  • Wholesale
  • Specialty/Boutique

2. TrueTouch Engagement Channels : Ensure you're reaching consumers through the channel they prefer when researching products and services:

  • Broadcast/Cable TV
  • Digital Display
  • Direct Mail
  • Digital Newspaper
  • Digital Video
  • Radio
  • Streaming TV
  • Traditional Newspaper
  • Mobile SMS MMS
  • Social

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