"Alchemy is the most sophisticated platform available for buying, creating and managing ads on Facebook."
- Henrik Abraham, Direct, GroupM

Guaranteed Results

  • 80% higher CTR on average than the average Facebook campaign
  • 50% lower Cost Per Click than the average Facebook campaign
  • 50% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition within first month of signing-up

Alchemy Socialâ„¢: Facebook ad management and optimization

Get more from Facebook ad campaigns

Improve brand engagement, fan acquisition and direct response for Facebook ad campaigns using Alchemy Social Ad Manager – a platform for creating, managing and optimizing social advertising campaigns. Alchemy Social is designed to overcome the unique challenges with Facebook advertising to improve performance and save time.

Quickly Create Campaigns

Achieve the best campaign performance at the lowest cost. Alchemy Social is specifically designed to let you launch and manage hundreds of campaigns quickly.

  • Generate 1000's of ads in minutes combining various locations, targeting and creative
  • Clone and repost your campaigns with one-click
  • Deliver contextually relevant ads based on your target
Maximize Results

Easily optimize your campaigns at various points of the campaign cycle.

  • Control your ad spend at segment-level by location or target group
  • Create rules to auto-optimize your campaigns for near-real-time cost-per-acquisition(CPA) optimization
  • Track multiple conversion points
Manage Campaigns in Real-time

Analyze conversion data and integrate with other analytical tools

  • Create custom reporting with easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder
  • View real-time reporting to understand CPA and conversion rates at the ad level
  • Intergrate campaign results with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite
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