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In today’s market, accurate identification of the most profitable prospects for your marketing offer is critical. ConsumerView℠ Profitability Score helps identify households likely to pay their debts and ranks households, allowing marketers to target the best prospects based on:

  • Profitability
  • Approval Rates 
  • Response Rates
  • Likelihood to perform as prescribed

The ConsumerView Profitability Score combines a robust scoring model that offers high levels of refinement for selecting top profitability prospects with the best consumer database, ConsumerView, to deliver greater precision in predicting, identifying and targeting prospects at the household level. 

The ConsumerView Profitability Score offers 13 levels with three high-profitability levels.  This provides clients with additional precision in selecting the best prospects that will respond and comply with the terms of their Invitation- to- Apply lending, credit or continuity program offers.

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