Data Enrichment

Leverage our data to take your marketing beyond the next level

Take your marketing database beyond the basics by enriching it with Experian’s wealth of consumer data and insights to create more targeted marketing campaigns:

  • Lifestyle segmentation
  • Demographics
  • Purchasing habits
  • Brand preferences
  • Life-event triggers
  • Mobile location data

Enriching your database with Experian’s data will also help you identify the characteristics of your best customers to focus sales efforts on similar prospects, and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to your current clients.

Below is a list of targeted packages from which you can choose—or we can help you set up a custom append:

Telecommunications Digital Families
Household Profile Household Insights
Buyer Propensity Custom Selections
Energy & Utilities Financial Services
Healthcare  Insurance
Media Non-Profit
Consumer View Basic Travel, Leisure & Gaming
Political & Government Catalog, Retail & eTail

Beyond data enrichment, Experian can also help you:

  • Link fragmented and incomplete data including email, social and personally identifiable information (PII), across channels and devices
  • Recognize customers across channels, enabling a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences
  • Precisely target customers across channels for improved customer engagement
  • Link depersonalized transactional information to other data sets such as online advertising exposure data, resolving to an Experian ID, with the ability to append demographic data for the purposes of marketing measurement, campaign analysis and reporting.

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