Experian helps marketers in a variety of industries target the right consumers, at the right time, with the right message. From building your target audience, to ensuring your message is activated using an omnichannel strategy, to measuring campaign results—Experian has the solutions you need.

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Experian powers automotive marketing. We are the only primary data source for all three things needed to sell a car - vehicles, consumers and credit. We uniquely transform data into powerful insights to help you find, reach and retain customers.

  • Find and reach new customers based on high-quality in-the-market and vehicle purchase data
  • Link disparate sources of consumer data to build unified customer profiles
  • Activate audiences across Experian's digital ecosystem of media partners and digital platforms
  • Measure performance using Experian automotive sales data and gain insights about your customers to influence future campaigns

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Consumers are making their purchases online now more than ever. Get your piece of the ecommerce pie by driving traffic to your website or app with data and insights from Experian. We’ll help you create a data-driven marketing strategy to build your target audience, plan your campaign and measure the results. Here’s how:

  • Connect consumer identities across channels and devices to create a holistic picture
  • Target consumers based on known purchase data, including those who make purchases online
  • Reach prospects likely to purchase within a specific product category
  • Promote your products and services on the channels your target audience prefers
  • Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns to show ROI and justify future spend

Experian’s experienced team serves financial services organizations to help drive growth and differentiate the customer experience. Building upon a foundation of the most comprehensive data (including alternative, consumer and commercial), we help lenders and financial institutions leverage analytics and insight to create advanced marketing strategies. Integrating the latest technology and decisioning, lenders can recognize consumers during their digital shopping experience and present them with relevant offers in a timely manner using real-time and predictive analytics, while protecting consumers in a secure environment.

  • Acquire profitable customers and keep them
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Grow and retain deposits

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Communicate with your utility customers using a powerful combination of your first-party data and Experian’s third-party data and insights. By better understanding your customers—beyond the basic demographics—you’ll get to know them on a deeper level to deliver timely, relevant and personalized messaging that resonates.

  • Get audience insights, including life event flags, such as new movers and new homeowners
  • Keep customers in the know and up to date about seasonal and service updates
  • Provide energy-saving/consumption tips to consumers who are environmentally conscious
  • Ensure your message is seen/heard on the channels your audience prefers
  • Leverage measurement solutions to demonstrate the impact of your campaign

Healthcare organizations are being challenged to think differently about healthcare engagement. You need data and actionable insights to remain competitive in this new consumer-driven healthcare landscape. Experian can help you become more consumer-facing, expanding your reach and attracting and retaining patients for service line growth. Learn more.

  • Prospect new patients
  • Better resonate and retain profitable customers
  • Improve the overall patient experience

From hardware to software to everything in between, your business needs to sell product to remain both profitable and competitive. While many Americans wholeheartedly embrace new technology and adopt it quickly, others take a bit longer to adjust before integrating new devices and technology into their lives. From targeting to retention, whether you’re marketing to businesses or consumers, Experian can help you identify and target the right audience and provide a personalized, omnichannel experience that resonates.

  • Leverage our technology segments—based on technology adoption and use—to ensure you’re targeting those most likely to engage
  • Our identity resolution offering helps you connect consumer identities across channels and devices to create a holistic customer view
  • Activate your ads on channels your tech-savvy target audience frequents most
  • Determine where campaigns succeeded or where improvement may be needed, using our measurement solutions 

The media and entertainment industry is continuing to face external pressures from evolving consumer demand, technology, and product innovation. Ultimately, this is driving industry consolidation and competition in an oversaturated marketplace. Consequently, both traditional and digitally-native organizations within each industry sub-sector – film/TV studios, music, media publishers, radio, gaming/eSports, live events, ticketing, podcasting, broadcasters and OTT platforms – need aggressive marketing solutions to:

  • Drive audience growth, increase engagement, and reduce churn amongst their targeted audiences
  • Solve for identity resolution by linking disparate sources of consumer data to build unified customer profile
  • Improve campaign measurement, optimization and attribution initiatives
  • Strengthen and grow relationships with brands in order to maximize their ad-supported business models
  • Uncover future growth opportunities for new audience-centric content creation, new products, and/or new strategic partnerships

We can help identify geographically desirable consumers, get them into your restaurant and keep them coming back. Experian can help you build the perfect audience, activate your efforts on the right marketing channels (including mobile advertising) and measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Increase store traffic with high value customers
  • Build customer loyalty—keep your customers coming back
  • Measure the impact of your marketing efforts
  • Help you layer your corporate and local marketing efforts

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To provide a seamless customer experience across all channels of engagement, savvy retailers are focusing on identity resolution, customer-centric service and personalization to attract and retain customers. Growing profits requires new solutions to:

  • Get shoppers into your store—and keep them coming back
  • Provide a personalized customer experience across all channels
  • Marketing communication strategy led by data insights to drive consumers to the best channel for conversion.
  • Development of a complete customer analysis to drive future segmentation and strategy

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The competition is fierce, so Experian is here to help you stand out from the crowd by helping you connect with and engage potential and existing customers using a data-driven marketing strategy. We’ll help you identify new audiences, cross and up-sell to existing customers, and ensure your messaging not only resonates, but also reaches your audience on the channels they prefer. We can even help you measure the results of your campaign to show ROI and justify spend for future campaigns.

  • Get access to lifestyle categories, including feature phone user, heavy cellular user, bundle phone/internet/TV and cord cutters
  • Enhance the customer experience using a deeper understanding of their needs and desires
  • Get deep insights into Americans’ world of communication, information and entertainment needs
  • Activate your advertising on the channels your audience frequents most
  • Using easy to use reporting tools, determine the impact of your marketing campaign

Find travelers that represent the best opportunity for your business. Leverage Experian’s travel propensity models to score each traveler household in the U.S. for its travel behavior across a broad set of consumer-packaged travel interests and activities.

  • Identify and target high value customers with online and offline data
  • Create personalized experiences
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Provide timely and relevant offers

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