Drive down marketing costs.

Eliminating duplicate records and improving address quality saves processing and postage costs to achieve more profitable marketing campaigns. Our merge-purge and de-duplication products help your campaigns run efficiently by increasing the accuracy and timeliness of the information. Overall direct marketing spend and waste is decreased.

Merge/purge powered by TruvueSM combines our superior duplicate identification logic with the power of persistent identification to identify duplicates across ZIP Codes and states as well.

Business-to business merge/purge — matches names and addresses with company names, addresses and professional titles to reduce costs and improve delivery.

Universe merge/purge — allows multidivisional companies to run simultaneous merge/purge runs across all divisions resulting in savings in processing costs and turnaround time

Canadian address coding, sorting and merge/purge — evaluate the accuracy of addresses according to Canadian standards in French and English, individual or business

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