Gartner positions Experian as a Challenger in Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools 2014

Gartner positions Experian as a Challenger in Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools 2014

Email verification

Ensure emails are delivered to prospects and customers

Email verification software helps improve the accuracy and validity of email addresses. The tool identifies dead domain names, malicious email addresses and typographical errors.

A clean email database:

  • Reduces bounce rates
    With email validation, organizations can identify and remove inaccurate or bad emails, leading to more deliverable lists and therefore lower bounce rates.
  • Improves sender reputation
    By reducing the number of bounced emails and ensuring deliverability, organizations can strengthen their reputation with ISPs, improving their inbox placement.
  • Enhances loyalty and marketing efforts
    Email is the most important marketing communication channel for 2013 according to a recent Experian Data Quality study. Ensure communications through this valuable marketing channel are delivered.

Email verification products

QAS Email

Guarantees the accuracy of email addresses by verifying the format and syntax, ensuring the domain is registered and that the email is deliverable. QAS email is available in three different deployment methods:

-       Automated email cleansing for scheduled regular cleaning

-       Front-end email verification at the point of capture

-       Professional services for clients who wish to have a file cleaned

All Experian Data Quality solutions are easy to use and are integrated quickly and simply into your current system.

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