Q4 2016 Email Benchmark Report

Overall email marketing trends for the fourth quarter

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Key findings:

  • Email volume rose by 14% in Q4 2016 compared to Q4 2015. Open, click, and transactions rates, revenue per email, and average order values were all similar to the rates seen in Q4 2015.
  • Fifty-six percent of total email opens occured on mobile phones or tablets in Q4 2016, matching the percentage seen in Q4 2015.
  • Quarter-to-quarter revenue per email rose from $0.06 in Q3 2016 to $0.08 in Q4 2016. Department stores and shoe retailers had the highest quarter-quarter gains in revenue per email.

This quarter's Spotlight section explores kinetic emails. Download the report to learn how kinetic emails allow content to be interactive and dynamic, enabling the recipient to explore offerings or choices without leaving the inbox.

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