Digital Advertising

Achieve advanced targeting with online advertising.
What if there was a digital advertising product that combined the reach of mass media with the advanced targeting of direct marketing? With Audience IQSM, Experian® offers an unprecedented array of digital targeting capabilities for online display advertising to increase advertising efficiency and drive higher conversion rates.

Introducing Audience IQ

Audience IQ is a revolutionary new offering from Experian that enables marketers to apply the advanced targeting and consumer segmentation sophistication of offline direct marketing to digital media, including the Internet, mobile and television. Audience IQ draws upon Experian's more than 30 years of experience in addressable marketing through traditional offline channels to help marketers create consistent communications throughout every phase of their consumer interactions.

Advanced Online Ad Targeting

Audience IQ enables addressable advertising online through partnerships with the leading online media companies in the world while at the same time preserving the anonymity of consumers. Addressable advertising allows marketers to target and segment consumers based on their known, shared characteristics rather than individual or household identification.

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Building Your “Addressable Audience”

To take advantage of addressability, you first must create your own “addressable audience.” Experian's decades of experience means that we can build, enhance and/or grow your customer and prospect file in order to turn it into an effective and usable addressable audience.

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