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Press Releases

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Intelligent Customer Data Integration

To truly create a differentiated and meaningful customer experience, you need to get relevant customer information to the people and systems that are interacting with your customers.

Experian's intelligent CDI addresses this by delivering a variety of decisioning attributes including lifestyle, attitudes, demograhics, life events and custom models to your customer facing systems. By leveraging Experian's vast data resources and analytical expertise, you'll benefit from a CDI solution that goes beyond simple linkage to one that provides a foundation for true customer experience management.

Accuracy of Customer Information

Get the best possible data accuracy using Experian® Truvue® linkage technology. Integrated directly to your database and connected to Experian's leading consumer and commercial data assets and data hygiene processes.

Flexibility for Your Business

Overcome dependence on software by utilizing a service that is there when you need it and can scale as your business grows. Whether you need updates weekly, daily or in real-time, Experian's intelligence CDI service offers you maximum flexibility to meet your business requirements today and in the future.

Integrated Decision Support

The pressure to make a positive impact on the business with customer experience management programs is critical for the marketing, IT and operations professionals who undertake these transformational projects. While technology plays a large part in these projects, the ultimate goals is to put the right information into the hands of the people who interact with your customers. Experian's intelligent CDI service simplifies the technology implementation by integrating decision support intelligence along with customer history at every point of service.

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